Land of iran

The terrific nature

Sky   .... mountain .... forest .... sea

Such an eye-catching scene that makes the soul to shine, and idyllic room which is made by women and men, like the cool breeze, grows love in heart  . It is the nature that has placed a wide range of God's blessings in earnest, and not only for some people but all of Iranian.

And so, people have become more and more vigilant and adroit at using state-of-art technology to make a more dynamic Iran.

Toyour Behesht Company, located on the edge of the forests of Abbas Abad and Kalardasht Mountains, is very close to Caspian sea coast on an area of ​​1,000,000 square meters.

Since biosecurity consideration and biosecurity conditions for poultry are important in terms of the area required for land and its distance from other urban areas and industrial site, here we have set everything accordingly. 

Mr Mehrdad Mizban, CEO of the Company, due to the special desirable conditions of the Caspian Sea, decided to set up a chicken farm in Mazandaran Province in 1999.

In 2002, the first packages of production of Toyour Behesht Company  was marketed and, until now it has been a great honor that the products of this company have always been satisfying to customers in sense of quality.

That customer satisfaction is the main goal of the company.

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